Ever felt swamped by industry buzzwords? You’re not alone. Today, we’re tackling two heavy hitters: “Change Management” and “Management of Change”. At first glance, they might seem like twins, but there are significant and important differences. Let’s dig a little deeper and their unique identities shine through. Let’s break it down: Change Management in a Nutshell… Read more

Change is an ever-present force that reshapes the landscape of organizations and individuals alike. In the world of change management, we find ourselves on an adventurous path—a journey that defies linearity and embraces the cyclical nature of transformation. In the end organisations are made up of individual people and while in organisational change management we… Read more

Change management and organizational development. Two buzzwords you’ve probably heard. But what do they really mean? Let’s break it down. Change management is all about guiding a business through specific changes. Think of it as a GPS for your company during a transition. It’s there to help you navigate. On the other hand, the organizational… Read more

The difference between change management and project management is the focus of a project manager is on implementing the technical aspects of a project or initiative. Whereas change management is focused on the people side of change, including  organizational and cultural aspects. Project management and change management are distinct but complementary disciplines.  Project management focuses… Read more

elements of change management create a vision

It’s time to deep-dive into a topic that’s super important in the corporate world, yet often feels like trying to wrangle a unicorn. Elusive, tricky, and with a lot of glitter involved. I’m talking about change management. Specifically implementing change. I remember when I first encountered the concept. I thought, “Great, another jargon-filled, over-complicated mess… Read more