Everything You Need to Know About Change Management

What is change management the definitive guide

Okay, it’s been a while since I have blogged. Last year I decided to reorganise my online activities to respond to requests for online training.

So, I’m now focusing the site on in-depth, higher quality guides and posts that will help you succeed in growing your change management career and/or implement change in your organisation.

I remember one of my first business improvement projects I ran resulted in $12 million going missing for a few days. Then the first time I’d been recognised for a bringing about a tough project, I thought I was on track to be the next CEO – only to go on to the next project being seriously over budget and over schedule.

Since then I’ve worked on dozens and dozens of projects helping organisations implement and benefit from change.

Through these projects I learnt the value of change management to make project work and the benefits stick.

But executives and senior management don’t always want to invest in change management. Because they don’t understand it.

That’s what this guide sets out to solve. What change management is, and why do it all?

And I’m going to show EXACTLY how I communicate what change management is in my brand new guide: What is change management: The Definitive Guide

Check out the guide now

Here’s what you’ll learn in the guide:

– A simple way you can communicate what change management is and the value it provides.

– What is the Difference between Change Management and Project Management

– The default approach to change, why it doesn’t work and how to approach for breakthrough results.

– The single biggest cause of resistance.

– A weekly checklist to keep you on track

– A whole lot more

It has four chapters:

And when you’re finished reading, make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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