IBMs advice for change leaders

Rescued from bankruptcy itself by an aggressive organizational change instigated and overseen by Lou Gerstner in the early 1990s, IBM is now the world’s largest business IT consultancy business. It seems natural then, given its history and its business focus, that IBM should be interested in the effects, failures, and successes of organizational change globally. Its second Making Change Work… Continue Reading

The Continuing Failure of Change Projects

Most failing change projects do so because of the lack of attention paid to the basic principles of change management. When organizations need to change, leaders cannot simply click their fingers and expect that change to take place. The reasons and benefits of change may be obvious to project sponsors, change leaders, and the board of… Continue Reading

traits of a change leader

In a world that is constantly changing, businesses need to continually adapt and change to keep pace. The corporate world is littered with examples of once-great companies that became complacent, lost focus, and ultimately failed (think Kodak, One.Tel, Kmart, and the entire British car manufacturing and shipbuilding industries in the 1970s). Effective change leadership is… Continue Reading

change management coles

Ian McLeod, until recently the Managing Director of Coles and now Group Commercial Director at Wesfarmers (the parent company of Coles), is a master of change management and a clear change leader. Perhaps this is why he is continually tipped for a high profile return to the UK, on the list for the top job… Continue Reading

3 Ways to Build a Prudent Risk Taking Culture

What exactly is a “risk-taking culture?” Creativity is a fragile concept, and innovation will quickly disappear within your company if you drive the wrong behaviours, or neglect the right ones. Although any level of innovation process management is often seen by creative types as the enemy of their production, they’re not correct in all respects… Continue Reading