Last months detailed training post on Kurt Lewin’s change model helped a lot of people. This month I’ve taken the tool he created, the Force Field Analysis, and developed another in-depth training post (with bonus how-to guide as a download). The best part? Not only do I detail the training, I also show you a real-life case… Continue Reading

Kurt Lewin’s Change Model

Change management can be challenging, but it is a well-trodden path. People have thought about it hard and come up with models that work. In this post, I'll look in depth at the Kurt Lewin change model and the insights for actionable change it offers. Known as one of the modern pioneers in social, organizational… Continue Reading

Change Management Principles

People that succeed in creating effective change management do two things very well: First, they identify the change management techniques that get them results. Second, they put 100% of their resources into executing and scaling those techniques. But you’re probably wondering: “How do I find change management strategies that actually work?” Well, today I’m going to… Continue Reading

I’m very excited to bring you this expert round up post. I asked 13 change management experts for their top three tips anyone wanting to implement fast, dramatic and powerful change. Here are my broad takeaways: Communication/collaboration, engaging stakeholders in the very creation of the vision and change processes. You need to focus on people… Continue Reading

To manage change, you must be able to recognise when change is required. To make effective actions and guide people though change you must understand and manage the “human variables”. This will gain support and commitment from those affected by the change. Having a good understanding of the change management models will help guide you… Continue Reading