Coaching Services

Working with high-performing CEO’s, Senior Executives, and Business Owners to achieve even greater results. Working to specific, measurable objectives, coaching will helping to achieve dramatic personal, professional results for them and their organisation. Coaching

Daniel Lock Coaching

This is not for everyone, clients are typically successful leaders who want to help themselves and their organisations achieve even more. Clients must also have the confidence to build mutual trust and respect, the ability to give and take constructive feedback and a desire for self-improvement.Working to specific, measurable objectives, coaching will help you achieve:


  • More effective strategy management
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved time management, self-discipline, prioritisation and delegation
  • Greater presentation, communication and relationship management skills
  • Effective team and talent development.


  • Enhance strengths,
  • Improve skills and behaviours,
  • Deliver rapid, and sustained results.


  • A typical assignment would take 2-6 months,
  • Each programme is individually designed around specific objectives.