What Others Are Saying

Service Experience Advocate - TestimonialsDaniel is the very definition of change leadership. I know a handful of people with his level of energy, listening skills and creative insight. Daniel sets the bar for tilting mindsets to embrace change. He questions, brings a fresh perspective and converts complex concepts into easy languages. When speaking to large audiences he knows how to speak to their minds and hearts. Simply put, if you have the opportunity to engage Daniel, make sure you act fast…”

Organisational Change Leader, Facilitator & Coach

IQPC Doug Power - TestimonialsThanks! I was impressed by the receptivity of the group to your stories and example in your presentation on the fundamentals of Change Management at our conference. It was a wonderful learning experience, and the value added was your humorous and energetic delivery. I can endorse his speaking and presentation without reservation and would be happy to discuss details or answer any questions about his work for us.”

Conference Director IQPC Australia

Michelle Oliveira – TestimonialsI have had the chance to appreciate Daniel’s excellent presentation on change management and the chairmanship facilitating at one of my conferences in IQPC Sydney. His energy, enthusiasm, and credibility were very valuable to the event’s success.”

Project Manager at IQPC Sydney

Stephen De Kalb - TestimonialsI’ve had the pleasure of listening to Daniel Lock on several occasions, and I would characterise him as a very informative, engaging speaker. Daniel expertly wove interesting examples from history into a narrative based on proven leadership principles, key learnings from his own experience and many “home truths” we all need reminding of from time to time. Daniel’s contribution was insightful, thought provoking and highly credible.

Daniel’s relaxed, confident and informal presentation style complements what I believe is a truly substantial command of his profession, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to any person or organisation wishing to benefit from his experience and expertise.”

TP3 Head of Marketing & experienced marcoms specialist

Susan Rich - TestimonialsDaniel recently gave a great presentation at the ‘Challenging Concepts in Change Management’ CMI event, speaking on ‘Change leadership versus change management’. Daniel provided an insightful and well researched presentation with lots of great cases and stories that engaged and entertained the crowd. Thanks Daniel for another great presentation!”

Head of the Change Management Institute NSW Chapter; Program Change Manager at AMP

Tyson Ballard - TestimonialsI have worked with Daniel for a number of years and will continue to work with him in the future, he is a highly skilled strategic thinker and is able to turn strategy into action. I would highly recommend Daniel as a consultant.”

Senior Business Analyst/Continuous Improvement Manager at Clifford Chance

JENNY BENNETT, Education Manager, Arthritis SA - TestimonialsExceeded expectations… Daniel inspired and gave me the confidence to immediately apply this learning to a change proposal I have been working on for my organisation.”

Education Manager, Arthritis SA

Russell Gwynne - TestimonialsI have had the pleasure of working with Daniel on a number of occasions with various projects either he or I have had under way. His thinking isv ery straight forward and to the point and his ability to plan and implement on a number of different levels allows for the smooth running of everything we have achieved.

Daniel approaches each project or problem with an open mind and manages to adapt his thinking to overcome problems by setting achievable goals and planning a path with an overall outcome in mind. By prioritising tasks and sorting the essential from the non-essential, he manages to streamline larger projects with the ability to then pursue othera venues or interests and thus provide greater income or personal time.

I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking to improve their day today efficiencies by evaluating and improving the bigger picture.Thinking outside the square may be a cliché, but Daniel proves that a trained, fresh set of eyes can do wonders to any business or individual looking to take things to the next level.”

Cocks Auld Real Estate

Lee-Ann Atksin - TestimonialsDaniel is an excellent role model with personal engagements in thee ntrepreneurial pursuits. He brought real life experiences to the classroom.”

Project Coordinator, SA Great

daniellock Testimonials from WestpacI worked with Dan on a project and he helped me combine 3 businesses into one. The project made the business $300k that year, which will roll on year after year. Dan isa genuine and admirable person, someone who I really enjoy working with.”

Department Manager – Collections, Westpac Bank

Daniel Lock consultingTopic and presentation was very good, content was relevant and timely… I will apply to my future development both personally and professionally.”

Business Development Manager, Image, Brand and Colour

Daniel Lock consulting firmDaniel has a sharp style that engages. He speaks from practical experience in assisting corporations with process improvements. He instills confidence and demonstrates commitment to achieving great results for his clients. He thinks strategically and communicates clearly”.

CEO & Publisher of in-business magazine