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workshopsFor more than 10 years Daniel has used energy and humour to help organisations uncover ways to turn challenges to opportunities. His interactive and entertaining programs focus on helping organisations develop processes to unlock hidden value and productivity. Audiences and meeting planners applaud Daniel for his fast-paced, fun-filled, informative sessions about what matters in the organisation. By combining his education, practical experience, and ability to make people laugh, Daniel can help you add fun and information to your conference, association meeting, or program.


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Michelle - TestimonialsI have had the chance to appreciate Daniel’s excellent presentation on change management and the chairmanship facilitating at one of my conferences in IQPC Sydney. His energy, enthusiasm, and credibility were very valuable to the event’s success.”

Project Manager at IQPC Sydney

Daniel offers the following topics in workshops, seminar and keynote formats:

Daniel Lock in workshops


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Daniel Lock delivers workshops, seminars and keynotes that are specifically tailored to your needs.

By understanding your objectives for the session and involving your team directly a program can be made to deliver great results for our organisation.


Conquering Change: The Seven Secrets to a World That Will Never Be The Same.

How to create positive change and continually raise the bar.


The process of innovation: Turning change into opportunity.

Why too much problem is killing innovation and how organisations an individuals can cultivate creativity and innovation.


Measuring the immeasurable: Capturing the value of intangibles.

How to use applied analytics to measure the ROI of change initiatives.

• Forecasting: Hocus-pocus with a dollar sign

Why most business cases and forecasts are pure fantasy, with a breakthrough approach to business cases and forecasting.


Sales from the outside in: empowering buyers to buy.

Why business processes and sales person business acumen and behaviour are more important than “sales skills.”

Relationship selling: Develop relationships and convert them to sales.

How to accelerate sales by looking from the outside in.


Raising the bar with continuous improvement: Seven keys to driving outstanding performance.

How to achieve outstanding speed and results while improving predictability.

Process thinking: The essential tools to transform your business.

Develop a process mindset that will increase speed, make better decisions and drive innovation.