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Daniel Lock in the news

Daniel is quoted in the press on regular basis on the subject of business improvement. Below are the recent contributions.

How to persuade your brokers to change 

Mortgage Broker  | 9 September , 2014

Ever wondered why it is so hard to persuade stakeholders that your brokerage should change for the better?

“Primarily because change threatens self-interest,” says Daniel Lock, principal of Daniel Lock Consulting. [more]

Six steps to perfect change at your brokerage

Mortgage Professional Australia | 18 December , 2013

Not unlike David Bowie, Daniel Lock, principal of Daniel Lock Consulting, has been inspired to write about change. In contrast to the English pop star, however, Lock has authored an eBook on change management, rather than a hit song.Change is particularly relevant for mortgage brokers, whether it’s through outsourcing, new technology or diversification, as the industry is constantly in transition. [more]

New e-book discusses fundamentals of change management

Corporate Learning Network | 16 December , 2013

Daniel talks to Jeff Cattel, editor of Corporate Learning Network,  in this video interview about his new eBook the Fundamentals of Change Management. In this interview Daniel discusses an overview of the book, how L&D contributes to change, and how change management should be aligned in organisation. … [more]

5 Ways to Power Your Practice

Insight Magazine | October , 2013

Daniel gave the following quotes to this piece:

“By embracing BYOD, organizations can improve employee productivity. It can also improve morale as workers have more autonomy over their work,” says Daniel Lock, consultant and author of Team Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement.

Embrace a content culture, Lock adds. “The tax accounting department might seem dull, but to people interested in tax efficiency what they have to say might be of significant interest. Creating a content culture will bring out the data and intellectual property that’s sitting idle in the hallways. Instead, it can become a marketing or even a profit center,” he explains.

What’s important, says Lock, is to embrace the diversity of ideas. “Partner young with older. Follow up and ask them what they learned from each other. What actionable ideas came out that can improve the firm?” … [more]

Best practices for PMP: Five corrective actions for time-sensitive projects that are falling behind schedule

Intense School |9 August, 2013

Time-sensitive projects can end up getting derailed for one reason or another despite the best efforts of the most diligent of project management professionals (PMP).

With potential project-killers like inattentive team members, scope creep where companies keep adding more components and requirements, and unrealistic timelines that doom the process from the start, PMPs truly do have their work cut out for them. …[More]


8 Things NOT to Leave Out of Your Succession Plan

 tED Magazine | 30 July, 2013

“… Next, look at the roles, skills, and behaviors that people will need to in order to fill out those positions. “Chances are, there will be people on board who can fill those roles,” says Daniel Lock, principal at Daniel Lock Consulting, and organizational consultancy in Waterloo, Australia. “They might need a bit of help, direction, and development – but they can fill future jobs.”

“In fact, you may have several individuals onboard who would make excellent leadership candidates and not even realize it, says Lock. “Even the best people will need coaching and training to get them primed and ready to manage and/or lead,” he points out. “What makes a salesperson the best at selling, for example, may not necessarily translate into being a great sales manager.” … [more]

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Using Call Centers for Lead Generation

DM Confidential |16 July, 2013

Call centers should also have a prominent place in the B2B education path. “In the buying process for B2B, people are usually researching, so the call center should be part of a comprehensive education process,” says Daniel Lock, principal of Daniel Lock Consulting. For example, a call center can follow up with leads who request a white paper to see if they have any questions and move them along the buying process with an information event or an appointment with sales.

Lock adds that call centers should have control of a salesperson’s schedule, giving them the ability to schedule appointments for them. “This will keep the salesperson focused on what they do best: face-to-face selling with qualified prospects.” … [More]